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Prayer for Our Nation

Father , in the name of Jesus, we bring before You the United States of America and its leaders. Father, You say in Your word that you reprove leaders for our sakes so that we may live a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

We pray that skillful and godly wisdom has entered into the heart of George Bush and the other leaders and that knowledge is pleasant to them, that discretion watches over then and understanding keeps them and delivers them from the way of evil and from the evil men.

We pray that the upright shall dwell in the governments and that men and women of integrity, blameless and complete in Your sight. Father, shall remain, but the wicked shall be cut off and the treacherous shall be rooted out. We pray that those in authority winnow the wicked from among the good and bring the threshing wheel over them to separate the chaff from the grain, for loving kindness and mercy, truth and faithfulness preserve those in authority and their offices are upheld by the peoples loyalty.

We confess and believe that the decisions made by the leaders are divinely directed by You, Father, and their mouths should not transgress in judgment. Therefore, the leaders are men and women of discernment, understanding and knowledge so the stability of the United States of America will long continue. We pray that the uncompromisingly righteous be in authority in America so that the people there can rejoice.

Father, it is an abomination for leaders to commit wickedness. We pray that their offices be established and made secure by righteousness and that right and just lips are a delight to those in authority and that they love those who speak what is right.

We pray and believe that the good news of the Gospel is published in this land. We thank You for laborers of the harvest to publish You Word that Jesus is Lord in America. We thank You for raising up intercessors to pray for America in Jesus' name. Amen.

A portion of this prayer was taken from a letter dated January 22, 1996 written by Kenneth Compeland of Kenneth Compland Ministries in Fort Worth Texas