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Roma Merchandise

cover Hercules - The Legendary Journeys: Hercules and the Amazon Women

cover Miracles and Visions: (Fact or Fiction)

cover Devlin

cover A Christmas Gloria

cover A Woman Named Jackie (this mini-series isn't always available)

Healing Angel

  Touched By An Angel: The Christmas Album

Touched By An Angel: The Album

cover Touched by an Angel - A Christmas Miracle...

cover Amazing Grace

  cover Touched by an Angel: A Salute to Heroes

Touched by an Angel (Stories from Touced by an Angel)

When Angels Speak : Inspiration from Touched by an Angel...

cover Fear Not! : A Story of Hope (Touched by an Angel)

Special Note: If you don't find what you're looking on any of the links and they will take you to and you can search their entire site. Or you may go to and find other interesting Roma related items. Also, you can go to the Roma Sightings page and view her current TV schedule and see if what you're searching for is playing on TV this month.