Roma's Most Inspirational Moments
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Roma's Most Inspirational Moments

Catholic Digest asked Roma Downey these three inspirational questions:

  • What was one of the most inspiring moments or events in your life?

  • Who was one of the people who has inspired you?

  • What memorable place has inspired you?

  • Roma answered:

  • The most inspiring moment in my life has to be the birth of my daughter Reilly, to experience the greatest miracle of all, the gift of life...God is good.

  • My father Paddy Downey -- a devout Catholic and a truly Christian man -- has been an inspiratiion to me. Two things especially that I remember him telling me have stuck with me. Firstly, in preparing me for his death in 184, he reminded me "If you can bury your dad, you can do anything after that, there is nothing that you can't do." And anytime I was feeling down or confused, he suggested I get up and go and do something for somebody, an act of kindness. It worked every time.

  • My father took me to Lourdes several times when I was a teenager and even though I found the commercialization of the place distasteful, I was moved by the sight of the grotto and the faith which the pilgrims brought with them.