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(O) Fallon Fallamhain meaning grandson, great-grandson, etc...of Fallamhain (Fallon).

The main sept is that of the U Maine located near Athlone. The town of Athlone is in Co. Westmeath, but is close to the border of Co. Roscommon and near Co. Offaly. Recorded as the chiefs of the area now comprising Camma and Dysart near Atlthone in Westmeath. They were later driven into Co. Roscommon across the Shannon River. The chief of the name resided at Milltown Castle. A traditional castle exists in Dysart Parish to this day.

The form Faloon is peculiar to Cos. Armagh and Down and is an Ulster variant but the majority of descendants can still be found in the homeland Counties of Offaly and Roscommon, as well as Donegal, Cork and Kerry.

Special note: Regarding the name Folan(e). There was a brehon family of Mac Fualain in Co. Galway, but Folan was formerly often used as a synonym of Fallon in Connacht, e.g. 'O'Folan's Country' for O'Fallon's Country. Folan belongs almost exclusively to Co. Galway and the adjacent part of Mayo.

The U Maine (at on time anglicized Hy Many) was a population group that lived in mid-Galway and south Roscommon.

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The above information was gathered from several sources including:

The Surnames of Ireland by Edward MacLysaght.

The Great Families of Ireland by The Irish Genealogical Foundation.

The next surnames to be featured will be O'Fahy and Mullen. Related names: Fahy, Fahey, Fay, Vahey, and Green. MacMullen, Mullen(s), Mullin(s) etc... This is in honor of my great-great grandfather Daniel Wolftone Fahy who was born in Mountbellew, Co. Galway ca. 1832-35 and came to this country (United States) as a teenager with his parents and several brothers and sisters shortly after the worst years of the Potato Famine. After being in the States for several decades, he dropped the "h" from the name and the family began to use Fay. He married Catherine "Kate" Mary Mullen who was born in the west of Ireland, most likely in Co. Galway. She came to the U.S. ca 1850.

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