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What's New?

April 2000 - If you requested information about your Irish surname...I am working on it. I rec'd over 60 requests on St. Patrick's Day. Due to Geocities deciding to delete my whole genealogical site, I am currently having to reconstruct them at The Roma Sightings page is updated. I'm working on the Irish-American page and the Roma Trivia Quiz pages this month.

March 2000 - I attended the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, March 12, where Roma Downey was the Grand Marshal. I also attended the Grand Marshal's Banquet the evening before the parade. There are a few pictures from the events up on the Roma Sighting page. A detailed account of the events and more pictures will be posted in the future. My site was featured on the front page of AOL on St. Patrick's Day and resulted in over 3,000 visitors on that day alone!

January 2000 - Installed counters on my main Irish page and the Roma Downey pages.

December 1999 --- Updated the Irish history page, Irish geography page, Roma Sightings & my personal page.

October 1999 --- I am currently making major changes to Anna's Wee Bit of Ireland/Anna's Wee Pages. It is now called The Anchoress Lady Anna. Don't worry....I'm keeping all my Irish pages up! I am just changing the theme of the over-all site. This is a big project and will take me quite a while. The Roma Downey Pages take alot of my time, but I'm slowly working on the other areas of the site. BTW, if you're wondering what an anchoress is or why the new name.....come back in the future and all those questions will be answered!

September 1999 --- The Roma Sightings pages updated.

August 1999 --- The Roma Downey Pages are now "Official!" The sightings page is current. I've also updated my personal page.

July 1999 --- Thank you to all of you that have emailed me with get well wishes. My hand is much better and should be back to normal in a few more months. The cast is off and I'm able to type much better! :-) I've moved across town and my son Ryan is coming for a visit this summer. So, I've been very busy. But I did find the time to....

I've added a page of pictures of Roma from Hercules and the Amazon Women in the gallery section. Updated her filmography. The Roma Sightings page has been updated on a regular basis.

May 1999 -- On April 9th, I broke my left hand. Due to this injury, the Roma Sightings Page will be the only page updated until my hand is healed.

March 1999 -- Updated the main Irish page.

February 28, 1999 -- Changed the Irish Pub page, updated the Irish surname page. Featured Irish surname for March is O'Madden and the related name Mac Avaddy. Updated main Irish page. Still working on my cat pages. Finally updated this "What's New" page! :-)

February 1999 -- updated Roma Sightings page, added pictures from TV Guide awards.

January 1999 -- updated Roma's biography page, Roma Sightings page and Articles page.

December 1998 -- updated various Roma Downey pages.

September & October 1998 -- added many new pictures to the Roma Downey gallery. Also, added two additional pages to that site.

August 15, 1998 -- added a gallery of pictures/photos to The Roma Downey Pages. Also updated her biography page.

July 14, 1998 -- added a third page of photos of Ireland.

June 15, 1998 -- Added new information to The Roma Downey Pages, which include a page regarding Derry City.

For all those who are curious, I first discovered the wonders of the web in 1996.

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