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Derry & the Northwest, More than a Drop in the Ocean
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A Special Place to Visit

The River Foyle swerves recklessly through the North West counties of Ireland on its journey to the open Atlantic. Splendidly sited on the tree studded slopes of one of its most graceful curves, is an ancient settlement that is also a modern city.

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The Walls of Derry City overlooking Guildhall Square

Its various names, down through the centuries, bear witness to its rich and complex history - Doire Chalgaigh, the stronghold of celtic warrior chieftains; Doire Cholmcille, mystical heartland of an Irish monastic tradition; Londonderry, a city sieges and warring kings and potent symbol of survival. The City of Derry, a place poised on the frontier between past and future, whose citizens nurture within, a passionate allegiance to this, the most intriguing and alluring of Irish towns. Many names, many traditions - but one community.

The 17th century plantation city of Londonderry, was the last town in Ireland to be completely encircled by walls, and the first to have had its street layout planned in every respect. That street pattern is clearly visible today and the walls are doubly intact. The walls have never been breached in anger, hence the origin of yet another place name, the Maiden City.

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Traditional Irish Dancers

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Derry City Craft Village

You might be inclined to think that, with such a tangible wealth of history at their disposal, Derry people would tend to dwell on the past. Far from it. This is a vigorous, outgoing, fun loving community, deeply appreciative of their city's unspoilt natural setting and ever alert to the enormous scope that it offers for recreation and leisure. Derry is, quite literally, a bridge between the spectacular attractions of the Causeway Coast and the wild beauty of Donegal. It is also a magnet for shoppers, browsers and all those who simply enjoy the pulse and excitement of a bustling city centre.

Places of Interest

O'Doherty Tower Museum

The city in its natural environment offers history and heritage. The city council has captured this historic past in the award winning Tower Museum, widely regarded as one of the best in Europe. The museum tells The Story of Derry through the use of ultra modern, hi-tech equipment, together with traditional museum artifacts. Each phase of the city's past has left its mark on the consciousness of its people. Nowhere will you find a people more aware of their heritage, in all its diverse aspects, whether recent or distant and nowhere are you likely to find an entire community so keen to celebrate its own diversity - in music, drama, dance and pageantry.

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O'Doherty Tower Museum

The Port of Derry

The port of Derry once prospered as a major point of embarkation for the Americas and the city's architectural legacy retains many elegant reminders of the fortunes gleaned from transatlantic trade. Witness the restored grandeur of Georgian terraces and the ornate facades that once housed the all conquering shirt and collar industry - legend has it that local manufacturers supplied uniforms to both the union and confederate armies during the American civil war. But what of the present? Enter one of the seven fates of the old walled city and you will be immediately struck by the ingenious weave of ancient and modern.

Useful Numbers

Calling from the United States dial 011-44-1504 plus last six digits.

	City of Derry Airport                    (01504) 810 784
	Tower Museum                             (01504) 372 411
	Amelia Earheart Centre                   (01504) 354 040
	The Foyle Valley Railway Centre          (01504) 265 234
	The Guildhall                            (01504) 365 151
	The Orchard Gallery                      (01504) 269 675
	Beechill Country House Hotel             (01504)  49 279
	Everglades Hotel                         (01504)  46 722
	Waterfoot Hotel                          (01504)  45 500
	White Horse Inn Hotel                    (01504) 860 606
	Broomhill Hotel                          (01504)  47 995
	Clarence House - Guest House             (01504) 265 342
	Oakgrave Manor - Hostel                  (01504) 372 273
	Longfield Farm Cottages - Self Catering  (01504) 810 952
	Hertz Car Rental                         (01504) 360 420

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Ferryquay Gate

For further information please contact the Tourist Information Centre (01504)267284

Derry & the Northwest, More than a Drop in the Ocean
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