This page will include general information about Fairies and specific information about the following:

Leprechaus and Cluricauns

Learn about these mischievous wee folk.

Far Darrig (Red Man)

A relation to the leprechaun.

Merrows and Silkies

Learn about Irish mermaids---the merrows and creatures that are seal and human---the silkies.

Banshees and Keening

Learn about the often misunderstood Banshee.

The Lianhan Shee

The love fairy. Mortal men want her, but their own desire may destory them.

Fairy Changelings

Mothers beware and watch your infant with great care....

The Red-Haired Man, the Dark Man, the Grey Man and the Man of Hunger

Be thankful for the Red-Haired Man, avoid the Dark Man, sailors beware of the Grey Man and give freely to the Man of Hunger.

The Pooka and The Will-O'-The-Wisps

An interesting creature sometimes called The Flying Pooka. And the lovely Wisps.

The Burren and The Blarney Stone

Two most interesting places.

The Demon Bride

Beware of its kiss!


Dare you learn of these ghastly creatures....

Fairy Animals

Are they really animals or fairies?

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