Lysia with Hippolyta in the background

Lucy Lawless plays Lysia in Hercules and the Amazon Women. Later she was to become famous playing Xena. A role that was offered first to Roma Downey, but she accepted the role of Monica on Touched by an Angel and the role went to Lucy.

Hercules And The Amazon Women

Hercules and Iolaus encounter a ferocious tribe of Amazons, and in the ensuing battle Iolaus is killed.

Hercules is taken captive, tortured and threatened with death. Hercules falls under the spell of their fierce queen, Hipolyta. He escapes and comes up with a unique defense strategy for the nearby village besieged by mysterious, unseen monsters, which are really the Amazon women.

Unknown to Hercules he is being pursued by his deadly enemy, his stepmother Hera, queen of the gods. Hera takes over Hippolyta's body and commands tha Amazons to attack the village of men again and to leave no man alive. Hercules realizes that Hera has taken control of the queen's body and refuses to defeat Hera by killing Hippolyta (He has fallen in love with Hippolyta). Hera hurls Hippolyta to her death in a waterfall.

Hercules appeals to his father Zeus to use his special powers to undo the deaths of both Hippolyta and Iolaus. In doing so, time is reversed, and life is restored as it was before, it is as if he never met Hippolyta. Except he has the memory of his love and time with her.


Kevin Sorbo.......Hercules
Michael Hurst.....Iolaus
Anthony Quinn.....Zeus
Roma Downey.......Hippolyta
Lloyd Scott.......Pithus
Lucy Lawless......Lysia
Jennifer Ludlam...Alcmene

I think that those who only know Roma Downey from Touched by an Angel will be surprised at how well she plays this role.

Listen to Hippolyta speak to a bound Hercules.

Hippolyta with Hercules

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