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The CBS Drama 'Touched by an Angel' ended after nine wonderful seasons.

Message from Roma:
"Please thank all of our fans for their continued loyalty and support. You all are the wind beneath our wings.....and I am so grateful to each and every one of you."

Roma plays the angel Monica, who along with her supervisor Tess (Della Reese) and the angel of death sometimes caseworker Andrew (John Dye) inspire people who are at the crossroads in their lives and require guidance from God. Sometimes other angels assist them, mostly Rafael (Alexis Cruz). Valerie Bertinelli joined the cast as the newly created angel Gloria at the end of season seven.

It is one of the most inspirational shows on television. The show has affected my life in countless ways. I looked forward to when the angels revealed themselves and told us all, 'God loves you.' I truly felt touched by an angel every week.

Tess singing the sun up in the episode "Southbound Bus."

Visit my Roma Downey Picture Gallery to see pictures from Touched By An Angel.

What's your favorite episode? Roma's favorite episodes are: There But For The Grace Of God, The Spirit Of Liberty Moon, Life Before Death, Netherlands and Remembering Me. But out of the tear-jerker episodes, one of Roma's favorites is also "Til We Meet Again."

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